Rules and Waffle FAQ’s

Waffles FAQ's

Are there additional fees if we win the item?
No. All taxes and fees are included in the breakdown of the seats.

How do you determine the breakdown?
I take the sale price of the item add tax and divide, that way the winner doesn't have any taxes or fees on the item.

How do Waffles work?
We list the seat quantity and the amount that each seat will cost. We will post a link to our website where you can purchase the seats. Once all seats have been purchased then we will do a Facebook live for the winner use a random wheel generator.

Is there a limit to the seats I can purchase?
Yes, due to demand and popular opinion, you can purchase UP TOO 3 seats per Waffle. (Unless otherwise stated in the description of the waffle)*

*After the Item has been available for 60+ Minutes, you may purchase as many as you would like too.

If I win, can I receive a $$ instead?
The simple answer is NO. The waffle you win must be transferred to you.

Is there a time limit for a winners to claim the waffle?
All waffles MUST be picked up within TWO weeks unless other arrangements are made (i.e. Vacation or Military Obligations).

Results of items:
Will be posted on the website and will stay up for one week or until the item has been picked up by the winner.

How do I know what items are going up?
By Saturday Morning of each week, the next weeks list (starting on Monday) will be posted with the specific items and what day/time they are going up. Typically one is posted a day at 12 noon.