Connecticut Pistol Permit Classes

CT Pistol Permit

Connecticut Pistol Permit Course

During this course, you will be given knowledgeable experience on how to handle and operate a firearm properly. After completing your class with Lock N' Load Firearms LLC  you can expect the following:

  • An official NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Certificate or USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals recognized by the State of Connecticut allowing you to apply for your Connecticut Pistol Permit.
  • Experience in handling and firing firearms under the safe supervision of our Certified and Insured Firearms Instructors.
  • You will leave our class with the right attitude and the peace of mind that you can safely handle and fire a firearm.


This is a one day, eight hour class, approved by the State of Connecticut will involve:

  • Handling a firearm, loading and unloading firearms, safety storage of firearms, dry and live fire of .22 caliber semi-automatic Glock G44.
  • We focus on ensuring that your experience and knowledge is maximized.
  • Explanations of ammunition, range rules, and laws surrounding Connecticut Pistol Permit and their laws.
  • A Guest Speaker from the USCCA for additional training opportunities.
  • An explanation of Connecticut Pistol Permit application in detail.


This Class is the First Step in Obtaining your Connecticut Pistol Permit and is Required by the State of Connecticut to apply for your permit.


At the end of today’s class you will receive an NRA or USCCA Certified Certificate signed by the NRA & USCCA Instructor. Please MAKE A COPY. Keep the original and use the copy to apply for your CT Pistol Permit with your local Police Department.


You will then go to your Local Police Department Website. Follow the instructions on their website specific to your town. Most, but not all, have gone to the NEW system where you will need to complete a ‘Pre-Enrollment Application’. There is a specific code for each Town/City and you must use the proper one. Fill out the Application and then book your fingerprinting appointment online.


Download, print off & fill out the application, do NOT sign or date it until you are in front of the notary public. Then you will need to get the application notarized, most of your local banks will do that for free as part of your checking account services. Next, gather all required documents that your Town/City requires. Proof of Citizenship, possibly letter of recommendations, the certificate, and whatever else they require. You will then go down to your local PD on their given times (varies town by town, city by city) and get processed. They will run a State, Federal, Local background check on you as well as fingerprint you. It will take a approx.  8 weeks to come back and could take additional time in the larger cities. Once you are approved, your local Police Department will issue you a 60 Day Temporary State Pistol Permit. You cannot do anything with that except proceed for STEP 3.


Once you have the 60 Day Temporary State Pistol Permit you can go to one of three places to process your Permit.

• State Police HQ in Middletown at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT.

• State Police Troop G in Bridgeport at 149 Prospect St, Bridgeport, CT.

• State Police Troop E in Montville at Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike, Uncasville, CT.

Any of the locations will issue your Connecticut Pistol Permit!

Connecticut Pistol Permit Application Process
Shooting Range

Multiple Instructors

At Lock N' Load Firearms LLC, it is important to us to give you the proper time and training you deserve! To help us do this, we have two firearm instructors in every class with the possibility of a third for larger classes. Doing this allows you plenty of one-on-one instruction from our highly trained Instructors during your CT Pistol Permit Class.

Range Targets - 600 x 395 - Lock N Load Firearms

Class Size

At Lock N' Load Firearms LLC we want everyone to have plenty of one-on-one attention. We max our classes sizes to 15 students to accommodate all of our students needs. If we have a larger class, we have multiple instructors to help. Sign up for your CT Pistol Permit Class today!

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Experienced Instructors

At Lock N' Load Firearms LLC our Instructor's have Real World Experience and practice using firearms on a daily basis. Out of our Six Instructors, Four of them worked for the Armored Truck Industry and Three are former/currently military members.  You can learn more about each of our highly qualified Instructors on our About Us page.