Utah, Florida and Massachusetts Pistol Permit (Non-Resident)

Multi-state Carry US Map

During this course, you will be given knowledgeable experience on how to handle and carry a firearm properly in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, The State of Utah and the State of Florida.

This combination class, you can expect the following:

  • An in-depth understanding on traveling with your firearm, across state lines.
  • The completion of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Basic Firearm Safety Course.
  • An official The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Certificate LTC-002.
  • The completion of The State of Florida Basic Firearm Safety Course.
  • A certified completion certificate for the State of Florida
  • The completion of The State of Utah Basic Firearm Safety Course.
  • The Utah, certified notarized application.

All Applications are included along with specific step-by-step instructions. We include the required Passport Photo's needed for the application and the required blank fingerprint cards (Must be completed by L.E.)

Pre-Requisite: Must have a valid Connecticut Pistol Permit or have taken the Connecticut Pistol Permit Course with Lock N Load Firearms LLC in the past 12 month and be in process of getting your Connecticut Pistol Permit.

Regular Rate: $220 per person